, first Spanish portal about Ska, Reggae...

Inne dyskusje związane z muzyką, first Spanish portal about Ska, Reggae...

Postprzez giorgioboss N kwi 02, 2006 18:05

Hi there,

Just a few lines to let you know that exists since 5 years ago, trying to brought to you daily all the jamaican related information.

Here's a brief story...

The Beginning of it all started back in february 2001 under the name of The Skaparade, with the idea of being a meeting point for the local Ska and Reggae bands and their fans.

Since we started the portal, the main idea was to promote the bands that never had a chance to spread their music and become well known. We always had the feeling that the Spanish scene needed a place that could join the promoters, the bands, the dj's, the shops and, most important, the fans.

The Ska and Oi! months

Around september 2001 we started the collaboration with Oi! & Punk Spanish label Bronco Bullfrog Records. So with a new name and domain we started the project with the same philosophy but allowing punk and oi! bands and news.

Due to the fact that we wanted to concentrate only in black music, we broke the relationship with Bronco Bullfrog a few months later. Nowadays we still work with them but just in big projects that also have to do with Ska and Reggae, not only with Punk & Oi!

The first Spanish portal about black music

It wasn't until january 2002 when we decided just to concentrate in Ska, Reggae and so on, starting the first Spanish portal about black music known as

Since then, we update the portal everyday putting news about bands, new recordings, venues and shows and downloads such as mp3 and other gadjets (wallpapers, desktop icons...).

We also host the forum and the online radio where you can listen to previously unreleased mp3s of Spanish bands as The Oldians, The Kinky Coocoo's, The Cabrians, Shanty Town, La Jeta Band, The Cutties, Flight 404 and more.

Moreover, we also have picture galleries and a video section where we host live pics and recordings of shows that happen in our city (Barcelona) such as Toots and The Maytals, Intensified, Dennis Alcapone, Derrick Morgan, Alton Ellis and tons more.

As a result of the colaboration with promoters, we give away copies of recordings and free tickets for most of the shows around the country via the contests.

The stats

With aprox. 900 users and 10.000 page visits per day, +700 registered users, +5300 posts in the forum in only 3 months and +1900 published news, we are one of the largest Ska and Reggae portals in the world.

Visit us and join the community!


The portal:

The forum:

The radio:

The mail:

First Spanish portal about Ska, Reggae and black music
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Postprzez jareg Pn kwi 03, 2006 0:59

Jak to mówią, reklama dźwignią handlu. Ale stronkę polecam. Znam ją od bardzo dawna i warta jest czytania, no i słuchania.
One more drink, one more fight, one day we might see the light!


Leszek R.I.P. :-(
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Postprzez Ingiel Pn kwi 03, 2006 7:25

boss-sound slucham, slucham; oldchool dzamejka ;)
pozdr Ingiel
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Re:, first Spanish portal about Ska, Reggae...

Postprzez Raul Wt sty 17, 2012 19:08

No proszę, całkiem przypadkiem znalazłem ten temat. Strona jak najbardziej warta polecenia. Jedna z tych od których zaczynam przeglądanie internetów.

Można też obserwowac na facebooku i twitterze:

Przy okazji tego odkopu może ktoś dowie się o istnieniu boss-sounds. :)
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Re:, first Spanish portal about Ska, Reggae...

Postprzez BogusKowalski N sty 22, 2012 20:10

Dzięki :!:
Ska`d 4 life !
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