We're considering and speaking to the community about

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We're considering and speaking to the community about

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A topic that people have been discussing lately which is not directly connected to this patch are the new class mounts. Certain people, of course are very excited about the new mounts for classes but some people buy WoTLK Gold, specifically those who are druids are a bit disappointed, since to them, it's changing the form of the mount, rather than the creation of a new mount. Are you aware of any issues that you are still speaking to the community about?

We're considering and speaking to the community about, definitely. Listening, absolutely. These kinds of things are. We want class mounts to feel comfortable, so whenever people have feedback about their mounts, they're sending us feedback through the right channels--through forums or through other avenues--we're listening. There's no announcement or changes currently. The class mounts just came out, but "We are listening," I guess is the key message.

The main question is always, as soon as one patch hits what time will we start to learn about the next? Are you anticipating that 7.3 will be on the same pattern, in regards to how long the interval was between the most recent, 7.1 and 7.2 patches?

As I mentioned earlier to, the moment when it feels good is when the patches start to appear. However, one thing I be aware of is 7.3 is in the process of being developed. We know what Argus appears at, and it's the direction we're going in the coming days. Soon after 7.2.5 is released, PTRs will start rolling into 7.3 versions. As for releases are scheduled WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, there's not much to announce at this point. It's still a little early for that, but it is on the World of Warcraft .
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