ESO Guide - New Player Guide: Gathering & Crafting - Super Easy Guide

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ESO Guide - New Player Guide: Gathering & Crafting - Super Easy Guide

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Outside of combat, however, you have just as many options — all thanks to the robust crafting system. This ESO crafting guide will teach you the basics of its intricate system, including how to deconstruct unwanted ESO Items , improve your favorite gear, and explain why crafting is so important to the ESO experience.

Crafting Skills

Crafting skills allow you to unlock new possibilities within every profession. They can be found at the skills tab. You don't receive special crafting points for leveling these abilities. You need to spend your general skill points in order to learn the skills of any profession. That means you will have to distribute points attentively – if you spend all your points in crafting you will probably be weak on the battlefield.

You have no limitations on how to spend points. Moreover, there are no limits on how many professions you can master. Just make sure you have enough skill points and materials. Such mechanics allows one character to master all professions in the game.

Crafting Furnishings and Decorations

Furnishing Crafting allows you to craft furniture to place in your home, or to sell to other players for a profit. Furnishing Crafting is an extension of the six primary trade skills: Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Provisioning.

To craft your own furnishings and decorations, find a furnishing crafting plan and use a crafting station. The crafting station will have a tab specific for furnishing plans.

How to quickly level crafting skills in ESO

If you’re looking to level up your crafting skill lines as fast as you can, you’re not alone. Most players in ESO are trying to power-level their lines to create more powerful — and lucrative gear — that's only accessible to high-level crafters. While there’s no true shortcut beyond putting in the hours, these two activities tend to be the most popular:

Daily crafting writs: Not only are crafting writs one of the best ways to improve your skills, but they also give you tangible goals to work toward beyond simply watching your crafting level go up. You’ll need to first get certified — just talk to Danel Telleno or Millineth, who can both be found near most crafting stations — but after that, you’re free to pick these up daily and earn massive amounts of experience and gold.

Deconstructing gear: As mentioned earlier, deconstructing unwanted gear is an incredible way to quickly level up your crafting skill lines in ESO. Like crafting or refining — which require a variety of specific resources — just about anything you pick up from questing can be instantly deconstructed. Anyone looking to power-level their crafting skills will want to take advantage of this powerful feature.

Crafting materials

Each crafting line in ESO has its own set of materials used for crafting. Materials can be found in many places in the world, for a refresher on where to find materials visit the beginner crafting page.

Crafting is very useful in The Elder Scrolls Online. With your Crafting skills, you will get rich in ESO by making many valuable things that can be sold for a lot of gold. I hope this guide is helpful. If you found this Elder Scrolls Online beginner Crafting guide useful, please share it with your friends and allies in ESO. There is ESO Items for sale on Itemd2r , and we use a safe delivery method to make sure your purchase is fast and smooth if you Buy ESO Gold from us.
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