Microsoft changed the face of the industry with the announcement

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Microsoft changed the face of the industry with the announcement

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The acquisition is expected to be finalized in fiscal year 2023. This allows the two companies a long time to iron out the aspects. WoTLK Gold claims that this timeframe is standard for getting their respective ducks in the same row however, the timeline could be affected due to the possibility of regulatory bodies getting involved.

"I strongly suspect that both Microsoft and Activision understand that a deal like this in an industry that's not seen one like it before is likely to be given a close review by the acquisition regulators, so it's likely to take more time. However, that doesn't mean the deal won't be blocked (and indeed Microsoft most likely wouldn't announce the deal in this manner even if they had anticipated that it would be blocked), but it also doesn't mean it won't."

For more information on Microsoft's plan to buy Microsoft, take a look at the stories below.

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Microsoft changed the face of the industry with the announcement of the biggest acquisition it has ever made, not just in gaming but across all industries. The acquisition of $70 billion by Activision Blizzard will bring together two of cheap WoTLK Gold the biggest corporations in gaming. Activision Blizzard has some of the most profitable franchises in the business, and will fall under the ever-growing Microsoft umbrella. Microsoft when the deal is completed.
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